DigiSIGN Self Services Kiosk Basic - Platform Intel I5 with Windows 10 IOT 21.5 Inch Touch


What Is Self Service Kiosk
SSK is Self Service Kiosk solution for current needs and future needs. SSK is essentially a device that allows a consumer to interact directly with a company, receiving a service at their own convenience. It allows a customer to access information or services without directly interacting with a person. Implementing a self-service solution can streamline your business operations and reduce costs while increasing customer satisfaction and return visits.
It is developed to improve public services in various areas in INDONESIA. Used for various public services, SSK can be a platform for order, payment, queue, visitor check-in, product information, customer registration, customer loyalty program and online process automation. Packed as a Development Platform for applications, it can be added with software from developers and equipped with various option tools (as the “a la carte” menu).

System Benefits Of SSK:
- Faster Implementation Speed
- Better Service Reliability
- Well-Served Public Users (Service Users)
- Reduce Hardware Problems Of Customers And Software Developers System
- Shorter Wait Times
- Enhanced Customer Insight
- Improved Accuracy
- Increased Customer Satisfaction

Packed in a kiosk model with ergonomic design, full HD display, operability, and easy maintenance, SSK is appropriate to be placed in a public space. Basic Kiosks are equipped with a capacitive touch screen 21.5 inches in portrait mode, Intel i5 with Windows 10 Operating System, and WIFI
*Exclude Software

Rp 31,082,220.00 31082220.0 IDR Rp 47,818,800.00

Rp 43,080,000.00

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